I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord - Psalm 112:1

Welcome to the Victory Arena and  thank you for visiting the website of Christian Church Outreach Mission International (CCOMI). We are  an international, non-denominational multi-racial church and a full-gospel, charismatic faith congregation with branches in Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Spain, United States and Ghana. We are free Evangelical Christian and Bible believing Church and member of Council of Pentecostal Churches in Germany (Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden KdöR).

While you are browsing this site, I would want to tell you that Jesus loves you .

"Everything that you ever need or be is in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. Be it salvation, abundant life, peace, joy, prosperity or healing. He is the key of God's solution to whatever God has provided for you. Without Him, life is empty and meaningless. When you reject Him, you reject life itself and when you have Him you have life. Be encouraged, know that Jesus can take care of whatever challenge you may be going through."

You are welcome into the house of the Lord anytime, anyday and any hour. Stay blessed

Bishop Dr. Abraham Bediako




It would be our joy to welcome you at CCOMI, where Christ is real.. We have services on Sundays and weekdays, in English, Twi, French and German.


Sunday Service at 10.00 Hrs
Midweek Service at 19.00 Hrs
Healing Service at 10.00hrs


Pastor Vivian Bediako, together with other pastors and prayer warriors conducts Healing and Deliverance Services every Friday. Come and feel the atmosphere of praises and worship that ushers in an atmosphere of Miracles.
The Service starts at 10.00 hrs every Friday



Locate us at:
Christian Church Outreach Misison International
Neuer Weg 49
21029 Hamburg - Germany

PHONE: +49 (40) 721 80 37
FAX: +49 (040) 721 80 38

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